Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Yesterday a tree fell down on our street.

See that hot VW camper van back there? That's ours. It was parked where that first cone is until this morning when Matt and our maintenance guy pushed (yup, we are the proud owners of a broken VW van) it back so that they could take the tree off the Toyota.

*side note about the van... it took us all the way across the country and back last summer and didn't break down till a couple days after we got to Davis. Thank you Jesus!

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Daily Drawings

So I've starting drawing again. Here's the three I've done so far this week.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Hubby's Scarf

I made Matt a Danica scarf from Knitty. I made it twice as wide as the pattern calls for and sewed into a big long tube with closed off ends so that it's the same on both sides - I don't like the look of the enterlac on the purl side.

It's Matt's first ever scarf, so he was getting a bit goofy, modeling it for me!

Recipe Book Swap, Part II

Here are some pics of the fabulous recipe book that this creative lady sent me for the Craftster Recipe Book Swap.

She sent me a book full of super yummy sounding recipes, like gingerbread biscotti and green tea cupcakes.

She also sent me these super cute shopping list marble magnets. Love 'um!!

Oh, and check out the detail on the cover. I love the little beads that look like snow for the winter part of the tree.

My Weekend

Over the weekend, Matt and I went home to Santa Barbara to celebrate my nephew's 3rd birthday. It was an incredibly short trip, but I'm just really glad that I got to be there for his birthday.

As much as I enjoy living up north, it's hard being away from the little ones. I feel like I'm missing so much since I don't see Jeremiah every single week anymore. Each time I visit him I wonder how he got so tall. It's so strange to think that just three years ago I stayed up all night with my sister in the hospital and watched that little guy come into the world. He was so angry when he was first born. It was just the first signs of his strong personality.

And now, he's grown into this funny, smart, thoughtful little boy. I just can't believe that he's not a baby anymore.

Happy Birthday, little guy.

*cake from Anna's Bakery

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Recipe Book Swap

Here's a recipe book I put together for a Craftster swap. It was a lot fun, assembling 10 of my favorite recipes and drawing and painting the illustrations. It kinda made me feel like I was back in my college artists' books class.